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Things to do in Wells, Maine, in the Winter

The small town of Wells, Maine, is full of winter activities sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. From outdoor recreation options in the crisp cold air to cozy indoor attractions like shopping at local markets or enjoying hot cocoa by a warm fire – there’s always something to do with friends and family during the winter months when you visit the quaint New England coastal town of wells. With over 1,000 acres of open space, visitors can choose between either exploring nature on backcountry trails or taking advantage of city conveniences – seeing an art exhibit or savouring fresh seafood!

Are you Looking for an Exciting Winter Getaway? 

Wells, Maine, is the perfect destination for a memorable winter adventure. With beautiful snowy scenery and diverse activities to entertain everyone, there’s something for every type of traveller. From strolls through breathtaking trails and snowshoeing tours of the local area to more daring adventures like skiing down hills or ice fishing on frozen ponds, Wells offers a unique experience every season. 

Experience all this charming coastal town has to offer during the most magical time of year – snow-covered streets and cozy evenings around blazing fires with friends and family await your arrival! You will create unforgettable memories as you explore historic sites, shop at artisan boutiques, try delicious local cuisine, or soak up the natural beauty of this special place. 

Winter in Maine: Interesting and Fun Things to do

Wells, Maine, is the perfect place to spend a winter weekend. With its mix of outdoor activities, cozy cafes, and shops, Wells has something for everyone. Here are some of the top things to do in Wells during the winter season:

– Go Winter Camping at Maine Forest Yurts

Maine is home to some of the best winter camping experiences in the country. At Maine Forest Yurts, you can stay in one of their cozy yurts and experience a unique camping adventure. With its nearby trails, snowmobiling opportunities, and stunning views of the White Mountains, this is an ideal spot for winter RVers looking for an unforgettable experience.

– Ice Fishing

The icy winter months in Maine make it the perfect destination for ice fishing. Many local businesses provide all the necessary gear, along with a guided tour of some of the best spots to cast your line. The fresh seafood that can be caught during this time is a bonus. Experienced anglers can find their way around, while beginners will surely get plenty of help from knowledgeable guides.

– Head Out on the Trail with a Fat Bike

Fat biking is a great way to explore the winter wilderness and exercise. Wells and neighbouring towns have plenty of fat bike trails and rentals available, making it easy for riders of all skill levels to have an adventure on two wheels. With wide tires, these bikes are perfect for tackling snow-packed trails or groomed snowmobile paths.

– Discover the Great Outdoors in Freeport with L.L. Bean

Located about thirty minutes away from Wells is the town of Freeport, home to L.L. Bean and some of Maine’s best outdoor activities. People can rent snowshoes or cross-country skis from L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Discovery School and set out into miles of trails or take a guided tour with an expert instructor.

– Storm Watching

Witnessing a winter storm from the safety of your R.V. is an unforgettable experience. Wells is located in an area known for its strong storms, with winds gusting up to 100 mph and snowfall totals reaching into feet.

– Shop at the Outlets

Wells also has plenty of shopping opportunities for those looking for some retail therapy. The Outlet Shops of Maine are home to dozens of stores offering discounts on clothing and accessories from popular brands. On weekends, shoppers can have a taste of real fun and entertainment by browsing the various shops.

– Tobogganing 

Tobogganing is a classic winter activity, and Wells is the perfect place to enjoy them. There are plenty of hills around town that make for great sledding, and some even have designated toboggan runs if you’re looking for more of a thrill.

– Ice-Skating

Ice skating is a fun activity for all ages. There are several locations in and around Wells that offer ice skating, including community parks, ponds, and lakes. It’s important to note that ice conditions can be variable and can change quickly, so it’s essential to check the ice thickness and safety conditions before going out on the ice. Additionally, it’s always recommended to wear appropriate safety gear, such as a helmet and protective padding, when ice skating.. If you’re looking for an indoor rink, there are several nearby that offer lessons for beginners and a full range of activities for more experienced skaters.

– Skijoring

For something a little different, consider trying skijoring. This winter sport involves someone on skis being pulled by a horse or dog, and it’s becoming increasingly popular in Maine. There are plenty of trails that wind through the woods and offer stunning views of Maine’s snowy countryside. If you’re interested in skijoring in Wells, you may want to consider contacting a local stable for proper guidance to any nearby locations where you can try it.

– Sleigh Rides

One of the most delightful ways to embrace the winter season is to glide over the pristine snow-covered terrain on a special sleigh ride through the serene forest of Maine. This experience allows you to appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the winter landscape while enjoying the coziness of a sled as you are pulled along by a majestic horse. It’s a truly unforgettable way to immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Maine’s winter wonderland. This enchanting experience can be enjoyed in various locations throughout Maine, including the picturesque town of Kennebunkport, which is just a short 14-minute drive from Wells.

– Visit Portland’s Museums

If you’re looking for a way to escape the cold and explore some of the cultural treasures that Maine has to offer, then a visit to Portland’s museums is an excellent winter activity to consider. Portland, located just over an hour’s drive from Wells, is home to several world-class museums that offer a warm and engaging environment to learn about the region’s art, history, and culture. From the stunning collection of American and European art at the Portland Museum of Art to the fascinating exhibits at the Maine Historical Society, each museum offers an opportunity to learn about Maine’s unique heritage and artistic legacy.

– Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

For those wanting to get out into nature and have some exercise, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing is the perfect activity. With miles of trails to explore, you can take in the beauty of Maine’s great outdoors while working out. There are several options for cross-country skiing in and around Wells. Some of the most popular destinations include Wells Reserve at Laudholm, which offers over seven miles of trails for skiing and snowshoeing, and the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, which has several trails that wind through the stunning coastal landscapes of southern Maine.

These are just a few winter activities you can enjoy while visiting Wells, Maine. From skiing and dogsledding to exploring Portland’s museums, there’s plenty to do in this beautiful state during the cold months.

The Benefits of Winter Activities in Wells, Maine

When it comes to outdoor activities, there’s no season quite like winter. While some may prefer the warmer months for their outdoor adventures, winter activities have a unique appeal – here are the benefits of choosing Wells for your winter escapades:

  • Enjoy the Beauty of Nature: Wells’ winter landscape is a breathtaking spectacle of natural beauty that will leave you spellbound. From snow-capped trees to stunning vistas, Wells is the perfect destination to experience the majesty of winter’s natural scenery.
  • Exercise and Stay Fit: Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and other winter activities in Wells offer excellent opportunities to exercise and maintain fitness levels while enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Unwind and Recharge: The serene ambiance of Wells’ winter wonderland provides a peaceful environment to unwind and de-stress from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enjoy the soothing sounds of nature and the tranquillity of a snowy landscape to recharge and rejuvenate.
  • Quality Family Time: Winter in Wells provides an ideal setting to spend quality time with loved ones. From building snowmen to roasting marshmallows around a campfire, families can bond over winter activities and create unforgettable memories.
  • An Enhanced Appreciation for Nature: The beauty and stillness of Wells’ winter landscape offer a chance to connect with nature and develop a deeper appreciation for the environment. From observing wildlife to marvelling at the intricate patterns of snowflakes, Wells’ winter wonderland provides a unique opportunity to immerse in nature’s wonders.

These are just a few reasons why Wells is the perfect destination for winter activities. With something for everyone to enjoy, you’ll be sure to create lasting memories that will stay with you long after your visit.

5 Tips to Avoid Injury During Winter Activities in Wells

While winter in Wells, Maine, offers a range of exhilarating outdoor activities, which can be both incredibly fun and rewarding, it is important to remember that they also pose a risk of injury if proper precautions are not taken. To ensure you make the most of your winter adventures in Wells while staying safe, it’s essential to follow some simple guidelines. 

Here are 5 tips to keep you safe while having fun in Wells:

  1. Wear Appropriate Clothing.
  2. Use Proper Gear.
  3. Have a Plan.
  4. Stay Hydrated.
  5. Seek Help if Necessary.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the winter activities Wells has to offer safely. With some preparation, you can have a fun and safe time in this beautiful part of Maine.

Frequently Asked Questions about Things to do in Wells, Maine, in the Winter

Q: Are there any winter festivals or events in Wells, Maine?

A: Several winter festivals and events occur here and in surrounding towns throughout the season, including Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport and Biddeford WinterFest.

Q: Are there any scenic drives or road trips to take in Wells, Maine during the winter?

A: A scenic drive or road trip in Wells, Maine, during the winter can be a great way to see the beautiful winter landscapes. Consider driving along Route 1 or the Beachwood Avenue Scenic Drive.

Q: Are there any indoor activities I can do in Wells, Maine, during the winter?

A: Yes, you can do several indoor activities in Wells, Maine, during the winter, including visiting the Wells Reserve, checking local museums, enjoying indoor sports, shopping, and relaxing at a spa.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve never been to Wells, Maine, in the winter, it’s worth a visit! Not only can you experience New England’s natural beauty during this season, but you can also participate in some fun and unique activities that will make your trip even more special.

With several outdoor and indoor winter activity options to choose from, there is something for everyone in Wells during the winter. Remember to take some time to explore the town and sample some of the local cuisines! Whatever you choose to do, you’re sure to have an enjoyable experience that will leave lasting memories. Thanks for reading!