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Top 10 Must-Visit Places for the Best Maine Vacations

If you want to surround yourself with unbrushed natural beauty, a sense of adventure, and rich English tradition, then you might wanna pack up for Maine. 

Maine is a picturesque state, which offers its adventurers a variety of attractions and outdoor activities. The natural scenery in the country, the rugged coastlines, and its rolling mountains and forests are such a juxtaposition to the busy American life.

Vacations in Maine could get a little confusing, as you have such a short timespan and so much ground to cover. People often find themselves perplexed because of the adventures Maine has to offer.

Planning for a Maine Vacation

To help you get the most out of your time, we’ve compiled a list of 10 must-visit places during your Maine Vacations. Each place is entirely unique, and fun packed with new experiences. So without further adieu, let’s jump into the first one, also our personal favorite: 

1-  The Outdoor Adventures of Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is heaven for anyone looking for charming coastal towns, history buffs, and thrill-packed outdoor activities. One of its most popular attractions is its seafood, especially the lobsters and clam chowder. People often find themselves binging at one of the many local restaurants. 

Next up are the popular whale-watching tours and kayaking adventures. If you are a huge enthusiast of marine life and calming sea tides, these are a must. If not, you can always go for a scenic drive along the coastlines or a sunset cruise. 

2- Talk with the Wildlife of Acadia National Park

If you plan to stick around the coast, Acadia National Park is the ideal spot to witness preserved wildlife in their natural habitat. You can explore the park on your own, or ask for a guided tour, we recommend the latter for people visiting the park for the first time.

Stargazing in the dark purple sky, fishing in one of the many lakes around the park, and bike adventures on the 27 miles long paved road are among the other things you could try.

3- Discover the History of Portland

If you want to get the best out of your Maine Vacations, portland should be up on your “to-go” list. The city is filled with remnants of the civil war, Fort Gorges being one of them. The fort is accessible only by water and rests on top of the sea as a decommissioned military fort. 

While you are looking for a ferry to take you there, don’t forget to visit the Portland Head Light. Which is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the country. The town also offers food tours, where you get to explore the best restaurant and breweries in town.

4- Cliffs of Ogunquit

Ogunquit is a charming coastal town, that is a great travel destination for nature enthusiasts and beach lovers. It is widely known for its deep blue beaches and rich wind sands. Ogunquit Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Maine, which spans over three miles. Making it a great spot for long walks close to sunset.

Among other things, the Marginal Way is a great spot for hiking and photography. The pathway is on top of the cliff, and you get some breathtaking views of the coast. If you are into seafood, you can also visit Perkins Cove, which is a quaint fishing village. 

5- Exploring the Sea in Camden

Camden is a small coastal town located in midcoast Maine. One of the most popular attractions of Camden is the Schooner Cruise. When planning for your next Maine Vacations, consider packing for a cruise along the coast in traditional wooden sailing vessels. Or you can choose to explore Camden Harbor, a bustling hub of tourist activity. 

Camden is also popular for its art scene. Farnsworth Art Museum offers visitors a chance to witness the work of prominent Maine artists, such as Andrew Wyeth. While you are there, you can also check out the Camden Public Library, which is housed in a historic building offering stunning views of the coast. 

6- Snow Adventures in Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Moutain is a popular ski resort that offers skiing trips, snowboarding adventures, and hiking. The mountain was named so because early hunters and pioneers thought that the mountain looked very similar to a  sugar loave. The mountain offers over 1200 acres and 160 trails of skiable land. 

Needless to say, the best time to visit Sugarloaf Mountain is in the winter. But summertime has its own perks. The golf scene here is pure hype. The 18-hole golf course is ranked as one of the best golf courses in Maine. You can also indulge in exquisite nightlife and outdoor dining, or maybe just choose to relax at a spa.

7- The domestic life of Kennebunkport 

Kennebunkport can be a great destination for people looking to explore historic buildings and old homes and relax in this charming coastal town.  Kennebunkport offers a unique to tourists wanting to relax and just sunbathe, swim, or bask in the scenic coastal beauty. 

 Gooch’s Beach, Kennebunk Beach, and Goose Rocks Beach is among the most popular tourist attractions. You can also check out the Bush compound, as Kennebunkport is also the summer home of the Bush family. 

8. Visit the Capital, Augusta

Augusta is the capital city of Maine, and you don’t want to exclude this when you are planning your vacation time in Maine. Located in the central part of the state, Augusta is popular for its Maine State Museum and Maine State Capital Building.

It is a great destination for anyone interested in history, nature, and local culture.  Augusta hosts several festivals and events throughout the year, including the Maine Agricultural Fair, the Capital City Riverfront Festival, and the Maine International Film Festival. 

9. Witness the Art of Rockland

Farnsworth Art Museum is a popular tourist attraction and features works of art by  Andrew Wyeth, Louise Nevelson, and Robert Indiana. Rockland also hosts several festivals and events throughout the year.  So if you get a chance during your Maine Vacations, do check out  Maine Lobster Festival, the North Atlantic Blues Festival, and the Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show. 

 Rockland’s downtown area is home to several art galleries, shops, and restaurants, offering a range of local and international cuisine. It’s a great place to stroll around and soak up the coastal atmosphere. 

10- Witness the Buildings of York

Ending our list of  Top 10 Must-Visit Places for the Best Maine Vacations, we have York. York is rich in historic architecture and buildings that were constructed in medieval times. The iconic York Minitor stands tall among the plethora of public houses. Making it a great destination for people who want to explore history. 

Parting Notes:

Maine is rich with history, natural beauty, outdoor adventures, exquisite tasting seafood and historic towns and villages. It is a great destination for anyone looking for a mix of natural beauty, that transitions  inextricably into modern towns and cities.